District Focus


(Reviewed and updated annually)

Mission Statement: Students will realize their dreams by developing communication skills, reasoning, integrity, and motivation through academic excellence, a well rounded education, and being active citizens of our diverse community.


Instruction – Continued focus on academic achievement

  1. Common Core implementation through writing and newly adopted math curriculum, while continuing to maintain an emphasis on the new state assessment  system
  2. Increased collaboration district-wide (including administration) with a focus on student achievement
  3. Program articulation and collaboration between all schools and grade spans
  4. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals

Facilities – Safe, clean, well maintained, and state-of-the-art facilities

  1. Technology needs and future implementation ( Technology Plan)
  2. Review equipment upgrades and needs for specialized programs
  3. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals

Finance – Fiscally sound practices and ensure district remains fiscally solvent

  1. Budgetary reinstatements analyzed with input and communication
  2. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals

People - Open, responsive, and reflective communication with staff, parents, and community

  1. Local Control Accountability Plan Goals